Who is Shaun?

Shaun grew up in the southern foothills of Alberta. He has been working as a photographer for over 10 years working with clients, such as TC Energy, The Calgary Stampede, Marks Workwear House, Pattison Outdoor, Strut Creative, Hewlko and many other businesses. 

What can Shaun do for you?

Advertising, Image Libraries, Content Creation, Portraits, and whatever else you can think up. His ability to capture real people doing real things brings honesty and sincerity to your project.

Where can you find Shaun?

He is based out of Calgary, Alberta. You might find him at a coffee shop with a good book, in the mountains or travelling to an exotic location!

Contact Shaun?

Have a project in mind, you can fill in the form, or if you like old school communication 587.999.8625 to discuss.

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